My Story

Who Is Preston Schmidli?

From the insurance industry to the mortgage industry, Preston has forged his own path as a business and marketing strategist, author and sales coach. Transforming thousands of entrepreneurs into business owners is what gets him excited for each day.

Early Life

Preston started selling insurance at twelve years old, inspired by the opportunity to spend more time with his Dad and fueled by tenacity and a desire for independence. The thrill of making each sale and overcoming objections became a passionate obsession and allowed him to pursue sales as a lifelong career.

Preston has used his early professional start in life as a way to build skills that serve him in sales and marketing, and as the leader of a company. He now spends a lot of his time sharing the skills with members of his program at Good Vibe Squad, as well as his Private Clients.


In 2016, Preston was operating his second Insurance agency that he owned (after managing others before that). Working hard to attract new clients to his agency, he was burning the candle at both ends try to do the inefficient grunt work that was recommended to him from industry heads. Once Preston would get in front of prospects, they usually became clients – but Preston knew he needed to learn valuable skills on how to get in front of more people with less effort. So, he went on a journey to learn marketing for his own business.

In a twist of fate, and in pursuit of developing marketing skills for his own business – he found himself in an unusual life circumstance that opened the opportunity for Preston to start doing marketing for other people and coaching them on how to convert the leads that he was generating. As he found himself filled with passion for this new life direction, he dove in with both feet and never looked back.

Preston would eventually meet McBilly Sy (his business partner) and the combination of their brains and brawn in sales and marketing would lead to the birth of Good Vibe Squad, a company dedicated to direct response marketing and sales training for Mortgage Professionals.

Good Vibe Squad has become one of the most successful marketing agencies that serves the Mortgage Industry. Through Preston, McBilly, and the whole Good Vibe Squad team’s innovative strategies and dedication to member satisfaction, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their journey from a struggling start-up company to a thriving powerhouse, with over 50 employees and expanding operations in the United States and Philippines, serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and is a testament to their unwavering dedication and proven success. Good Vibe Squad is poised to continue providing outstanding service to their clients with the support of a strong. Our goal is to continue to create solutions to better serve our members.

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