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The Complete Guide To Thriving In The Insurance Industry

Unleash Agency Growth and Reclaim Your Time

In this groundbreaking book to increasing your agency production while reclaiming your time, Preston guides you through a world of possibilities, equipping you with the knowledge and systems to thrive in the insurance industry based on his real-life experiences.

Unlock New Levels of Success and Freedom

Embark on a transformative journey as Preston shares profound strategies drawn from his own experiences as an agency owner and his consulting work, and also utilized by the most successful agencies— strategies they often keep hidden, that consistently drive double-digit growth year after year.


The Proven Solutions That Helped Close Billions of Dollars in Funded Loans

Your Powerful Guide to Exponential Mortgage Growth and Success

Designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to achieve exponential growth in the mortgage industry, this playbook helps you gain valuable insights into the major principles used by our top-producing clients, real-life examples, insider tips, and practical advice—crucial knowledge and strategies you need to propel your business forward.


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10x Is Easier Than 2x By Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan

“Sales EQ” is a must-read for anyone in the world of sales, from seasoned professionals to those just starting their journey. You’ll learn how to leverage your empathy, adaptability, and self-awareness to build trust and rapport with clients, ultimately leading to long-lasting business partnerships. I highly-recommended it among all the sales books I have read during my long tenure in the sales industry. 

 Welcome to Under The Covers with Preston Schmidli, the show where we dive deep into books that have made a positive, transformational impact in my life. In this episode, we are featuring a game-changing book that uncovers the emotional intelligence skills essential for sales success: “Sales EQ” by Jeb Blount.

Jeb Blount, a renowned sales expert, provides a comprehensive guide on how to harness the power of emotional intelligence to connect, influence, and close deals effectively. In this book review, I’ll highlight the most impactful concepts for me, such as: 

– It’s not in the marketing or lead problem: it’s a sales process problem

– Speaking to the desires of the client and diving into the emotional side of sales

Reclaim Your Life & Increase Profits: Buy Back Your Time By Dan Martell

Other Books Mentioned:

No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy

The CEO’s Secret Weapon by Jan Jones

Welcome to Under The Covers with Preston Schmidli, the show where we dive deep into books that have made a positive, transformational impact in my life. In this episode, we uncover the invaluable insights and game-changing strategies presented in the book titled “Buy Back Your Time” by Dan Martell.

In this eye-opening book, Dan emphasizes the crucial understanding that money can be earned and multiplied, but time is a finite resource. He shares how to make strategic choices, invest your time wisely, and achieve extraordinary results by mastering the art of time management.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or even if you’re not in the business industry but looking to elevate your game, this book is an absolute must-read for those who are seeking to unlock their potential.

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