Annual Holiday Toy Drive for Foster Children

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I want to give a big shout out to all of the clients and friends of Good Vibe Squad Marketing and the support for our annual Holiday Toy Drive for Foster children.

This was the 3rd year we have done this, and with your support we were able to add some holiday cheer to 200 children split evenly between Washington and Arizona.

Mad respect to both of these organizations as well.

If you’re in Washington and looking for a great cause to support, there are a lot of kids that could use your help in having a better childhood, not just in the foster system but educationally and 

otherwise… HopeSparks does a great job of being there for children and their families for a variety of services.

If you’re in Arizona and looking for a great cause, another wonderful organization helping children in the foster system is “A Place To Call Home” in Mesa.

Today we completely loaded the car up and delivered all of this good will to brighten a lot of kids’ lives.Thanks for being a part of that friends. It means the world to McBilly Sy, our team and myself.

Preston Schmidli
Preston Schmidli

A trailblazer in the realms of mortgage, insurance, and personal development, Preston is an accomplished business and marketing strategist, author, sales coach and co-founder of Good Vibe Squad, an award-winning marketing agency that specifically serves mortgage professionals.

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