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Last year was such an amazing year in a lot of ways.

Some serious challenges we encountered, which led to some significant triumphs for our team at Good Vibe Squad Marketing

One of the things I am probably most proud of McBilly Sy and myself for, is we got to a point of success where we were able to roll out benefits for the first time in our lives.

Our PH Team members all have health insurance through the company. Our US Team members all have 401k, Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Short and Long Term Disability effective 1/1.

It feels like a pretty cool big-boy step and I can already tell it is making an impact for our current team members, as well as a pretty noticeable impact for our hiring efforts.

Pretty stoked to be doing what we are. McBilly and I love helping families get into homes, and we love helping pour into our team members’ lives.

Business can be a lot of fun. It’s a lot of work… But it’s a lot of fun too.

Preston Schmidli
Preston Schmidli

A trailblazer in the realms of mortgage, insurance, and personal development, Preston is an accomplished business and marketing strategist, author, sales coach and co-founder of Good Vibe Squad, an award-winning marketing agency that specifically serves mortgage professionals.

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