Meeting Jeff Ross At Tacoma Comedy Club

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If you know me well, you know that it’s one of my love languages with my closest friends to roast each other. It’s a staple of those people that I get along with best.

Comedy has gotten me so through many hardships, and my best friendships can lovingly throw it back at me poetically. It fills my heart to be able to joke together for hours. Going back and forth and either roasting each other, or coming up with outlandish ideas that are wildly funny. It’s my pastime.

Last night I got to hang out with one of my favorites and one of the great comedians, The Roastmaster General Jeff Ross at Tacoma Comedy Club. Light on his feet as always, he played with the audience for an hour or so laughing with everyone. It was a great time.

I saw Jeff last in 2013 I believe it was up near Seattle, and I had the opportunity to go on stage with him where he roasts the audience. Him and I threw words back and forth. We shared a good laugh.

I’m grateful to get some face time with one of my favorites.

You can call these moments a bucket list experience, but I’m going to keep grabbing onto them like it’s still the first time.

Preston Schmidli
Preston Schmidli

A trailblazer in the realms of mortgage, insurance, and personal development, Preston is an accomplished business and marketing strategist, author, sales coach and co-founder of Good Vibe Squad, an award-winning marketing agency that specifically serves mortgage professionals.

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